The pain of laziness

Posted: February 15, 2008 in Life
yeah.. i know, i know..this is my first entry..i should’ve introduced myself first before i write about something..but what the one’s gonna read
laziness..i guess everybody experience this at least once every month..i have a confession..i’m, actually, a ‘chronic lazy patient’..i don’t experience laziness..laziness is part of myself..whenever i tried to do my homeworks, i always find a way to avoid doing them..and i mean ALWAYS..just like what i’m doing now..but at least this is more beneficial than what i’ve done watching jdoramas, animes, youtube’ing’ and stuffs..
yeah..people around me do give advice to me, especially my parents, but i find it hard to listen to them..i’m too carefree..i don’t take things seriously and people usually don’t take me seriously..some say that i’m lucky..i don’t feel pressured when exam day is near..i don’t worry about small things..i go with the flow..yes i don’t feel pressured..i do go with the flow..but i feel empty’s not that i don’t have goals..i do, but i don’t work hard to achieve them..even if i achieve them, i don’t feel the satisfaction..i envy my friends…most of them work really hard to achieve their goals..they don’t take shortcuts..even when they fail, they never give up..i can see their bright’s really sad coz i can’t see mine..
it’s really painful, really..laziness is not something anyone should pamper..i’ll try my best to change..hopefully, if anyone read this blog, you’ll change your mind before you go to your ‘lazy’ take breaks..but don’t let you guard down or laziness will haunt you for a long time..

peace out

  1. ans says:

    uuUUuuu…ade blog baru!!

    luahan hati sanubari

  2. whatever says:

    ‘Verily never will Allah change the condition of a people until they change it themselves(with their own souls)’ – Surah Ra’d verse 11.
    just think it this way, it’s an amanah, in the end all of us will have to answer to Almighty God abt every single thing we did and every second we wasted, just reminding myself and my muslim brothers and sisters…allahu’alam

  3. lonsaa says:

    alamak..ade budak rit bace blog aku ke?..kantoi aa camni

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