Rough weeks

Posted: February 29, 2008 in Life

Last week was a rough one to me. Had a bad fever, one final exam, three papers, and have to prepare for two more finals this week. I was really tired..and when i thought everything is gonna be fine, my hard disk broke.


All my files, my papers, my downloaded animes, movies and jdoramas are gone..Just when i was about to have some fun, this Again, i have to spend more money to buy new hdd. Good thing i have some money left in Malaysia. So i called my mom last night and asked her to withdraw some money from my account and send them to me.

Yeah. This is life..and this is nothing yet! I know there are lot more problems that I will face someday and I have to be prepared! I won’t let this thing happen to me again, insyaAllah. Not anymore!


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