Surah Qaf

Posted: April 18, 2008 in Islam

Just came back from my friend’s house. We were listening to a lecture. Then, we listen to a recitation of Surah Qaf by Ahmed al-Ajami. The surah is so beautiful and very strong. The Prophet SAW used to recite this surah in the first rakaat on the Eid days. 

A woman named Umm Hisham bin Harithah who was a neighbour of the Holy Prophet says that she was able to commit Sura Qaf to memory only because she often heard it from the Holy Prophet in the Friday sermons.

According to some other traditions he often recited it in the Fajr Prayer. This makes it abundantly clear that this was an important Sura in the sight of the Holy Prophet. The theme of the surah is Hereafter.

MasyaAllah if you listen to the recitation and read the meaning at the same time, I’m very sure this surah will make you burst into tears. This surah tells a lot about heedlessness, hell, heaven and all those ghaib stuffs. Very beautiful! Very Strong!

Why the Prophet used to recite this in prayer on the Eid days? Well, I think it’s to let the people not to get too excited with celebrations and stuffs. Take things easy and don’t let heedlessness obstructs your vision!

  1. langsi says:

    update aa ansarullah weh

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