A NEW start (again?!)

Posted: April 19, 2010 in Diari, Life


I know..it has been AGES since the last time I updated my blog..come to think of it..I’ve left this ‘blogging world’ for quite sometime..almost a year! I want to make a difference..I want to BE different.. InshaAllah I will make writing a habit from this day forwards (and hopefully will last till the end of my life).

Academic world is a totally different world from what I had in mind. Lots and lots and lots of reading and writing. And becoming an academician in sciences makes it even worst! Apart from reading and writing, scientists are OBLIGATED to continuously expand and share their knowledge in their specific area by research. To be frank, I don’t even like doing research! LOL. And I still cannot believe myself that I will jump into this ‘danger’ zone.

Last week I just attended a research methodology course and only now I know the gravity of hardship that I will go through to get a PhD. It’s tough. Heck tough! And I hope I will be prepared enough to experience it. Friends..please make du’a for me..hopefully everything will run smoothly.

I know I kinda jump here and there. But hey..this is my first post after almost a year I stopped writing anything in my blog..Aite..inshaAllah I’ll continue post more articles some other time. Till then, wassalamu’alaykum.

  1. wifey says:

    welcome back!

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