Work and present life..

Posted: April 26, 2010 in Diari, Work


Last week I went to a program held at KTC (Kelantan Trade Centre). You guys must be wondering why would a biotech tutor be at a such place? Even I wonder myself!

UMK is still a new university. Try to put yourself in its situation. You are a new university and you are competing with other universities that have been established for years, some have already reached 100+ years. It’s like the youngest children trying to get their parents’ attention.  They would do ANYTHING. So what is the relation between UMK and the youngest child? You see, if you want to get attention from the commoners, you need to be a little bit ‘extra’ than other well-known competitors right? The same goes with UMK. But hey, it’s an Entrepreneurial University. So attending such a program should be relevant to its employees. It’s a good experience at least. I’ve heard speeches from very successful entrepreneurs and maybe one day I can be just like them..maybe better than them, inshaAllah.

This week I have to go to an Agricultural Expo. I have to tend the university’s booth from 1pm to 6pm. I know, my job doesn’t sound like an academician. But that’s just a tutor’s life. Basically a higher-paid office boy. LOL. I just can’t wait to go further my studies.

Speaking of my studies, I still have not found any placement at overseas yet. I’ve tried UK and I got a place but just when I accepted the offer, the dean told me that the gov will not send anymore students to the UK. Now I am trying my luck at Canada and probably NZ or OZ. And I am already applying for a placement at local universities as back ups. Hopefully everything will go well.

Aite. Havta go now. See you guys some other time, inshaAllah. Wassalamu’alaykum

  1. taufiq says:

    ke Kelate jua akhirnya adinda
    adinda?? abis takkan anakanda kehkeh

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