PhD, Scholarship and …

Posted: May 23, 2010 in Diari

Assalamu’alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu,
I was a bit disappointed when I heard that Sime Darby has lost almost RM1.9B which is more than half of the profit made by that HUGE company last year! I’m sure they will take back the scholarship offer that was scheduled for it’s first assessment tomorrow. I was disappointed because I don’t really can count on the scholarship that will be provided by the Ministry of Higher Education (MoHE). There are not so many quotas for each year. And there are only 2 seats left now! Thanks to all the mega projects carried out everywhere around Malaysia. Hey! It’s for the development of the country right? Somebody has to pay the price!

Luckily, CIMB is offering scholarships to all South East Asians. What? South East Asians? Yeah..And wanna know something more intriguing? They only offer 5 seats for the scholarship! I know..VATTA JOKE! I know my name will not be the first in the ‘wanted’ list. But hey! At least I try my luck!

This past two weeks I have been working on getting a placement at two universities. One at University of Alberta, CAN and one at University of Western Australia, AUS. I really hope that I will be admitted to UoA. They have some really cool research team and the PhD that I wanted to embark on has several courseworks that need to be taken to graduate but I don’t find it hard for me because I know it’s for my best interest. What I have to do is just DO IT! Huhu..Easier said than done! LOL..but I will work my bottom off to get the degree. InshaAllah, with Allah’s help backed by the supports from everyone, I will achieve the goal that I’ve targeted.

  1. taufiq says:

    nak sambung kat mana bro?
    dapat tak?

  2. lonsaa says:

    tempat jeh dah dapat..scholarship tak dapat lagi..tgh usah lagi..huhu

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