FIFA World Cup 2010 (Portugal vs. North Korea)

Posted: June 22, 2010 in Interest


Last night, my wife and I went for a dinner at a restaurant. We had a very good dinner. The game Portugal vs. North Korea was on when we arrived at the restaurant and we take the opportunity to watch till the end of the match. I know for sure that last night must have been the scariest nightmare for North Korean to see their team’s hope to move to the next game utterly destroyed.

The North Korean was obviously did not have a good strategy to face Portugal. The game was very energetic in the first half where both teams’ possession of the ball was almost equal. However, the North Korean looked very weak in the second half of the match especially when Portugal scored their fourth goal.

Clearly the North Korean only focusing on preventing C. Ronaldo from possessing the ball. However, in the end of the game, he still scored one. 7-0. That’s not easy to beat. Ivory Coast definitely needs to depend on luck if they want to proceed to the next game. They need to score more at least 7 against North Korea in the next match and Portugal need to lose to Brazil.

Although they lost terribly in the World Cup, I still want to congratulate North Korea to be able to qualify themselves to this glorious event. Not so many countries had that ability and chance to go to the world-class sport arena.

P/S: I think Uruguay, Argentina, Brazil and Ghana will make it to the semi final! Let’s see if my prediction is correct or not. huhu

  1. wifey says:

    two of your predictions dah salah huhu….all hail germany!!

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