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Posted: July 21, 2010 in Diari, Life, Work


Last 3 weeks the faculty had a meeting at Bukit Kluang Resort, Besut, Terengganu. We’re discussing about strategic planning and the future of the faculty besides celebrating our first “Anugerah Kualiti Naib Canselor” award. I didn’t know what was my role in the meeting but who cares? I get free food and free stay at a quite nice cottage for 2 days and a night! Hehe.

We went to the resort about 2 days after my wife and I came back from “Kursus Kenegaraan” at Ulu Sepri, Negeri Sembilan. I was surprised that the course has improved tremendously. I still remembered the time when I last attended this course before I fly to the US.  The speakers were mostly very annoying and they didn’t treat us like an adult. I can say that I felt insulted with what they did to us back then.

But the course that I just attended few days back was great! I met a lot of brilliant people and I get to share knowledge with these people. We departed from UMK at about 8 pm on 23rd June in a Dugong, a van that UMKian used to call. The seat was terrible because it makes your back hurt! And what made it worst was that the driver brought his whole family together with us in that already cramped Dugong. I didn’t get to seat properly which only makes my back hurts even more! I didn’t get enough sleep and I definitely I didn’t get enough rest.

We arrived at the camp site at about 7 am the next day. We managed to watch a half time match between Germany and Ghana that morning at a stall before we arrived. It was a boring game anyway. That’s why we didn’t watch the whole game. Anyway, when we arrived there, we take some rest before we register and went for the first session. The first two days were full with boring talks about so many things that I couldn’t care less. The only thing that stopped me from running away was the innovative exercise taught by the ex-soldier coach.

The rest of the days were filled with group discussion. Mostly about how important it is for us to vote for BN. If we don’t vote for BN our country will be in chaos like it was in May 13th. We played along with the instructors and agreed to all of their ideas to make the discussion short. LOL. It was fun coz we had our meal earlier than the other groups. I managed to get in touch with several friends from other universities before we all went our separate ways.

When I came back from the resort, I received an email from Dr. Tariq with an offer letter attached to it. I printed it out and filled in all the required form to apply for Ministry of Higher Education’s scholarship. I sent them to the Dean and you know what happened next? He didn’t sign the form! He said that the MOHE Vice Chief of Secretary said that B.Sc degree holder should pursue Masters degree first before went for PhD. When my wife called the Department that is responsible for scholarship at MOHE, they said they never heard of such claim? I was pissed!

So I look for other scholarship opportunity and found out that JPA is going to open Yang Dipertuan Agong Scholarship. It requires signature from the Dean(*sigh*). So I send the form to the Dean and he wrote me a short note saying that he’s not going to send me oversea because of so many reasons that I think are very preposterous!

Now I am looking for other scholarship opportunities. May Allah helps me and gives me whatever best for my deen and my family. Ameen. InshaAllah I will never lose hope and will try my hardest to get what I think is best for me.


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