My 20 cents

Posted: December 17, 2010 in Islam, Politics


Knowledge is power. Indeed knowledge sets a clear barrier between truth and falsehood. Only with right knowledge, that one is able to prevent themselves from destroying their own selves in this world and in the hereafter.
I can’t imagine that after more than 50 years we got our independence, Muslims in Malaysia are still at its lowest in comparison to the non Muslims, in terms of almost everything except for politics. It is sad to see in the news people (more sadly people who called themselves Muslims) are killing each other, raping, throwing away newly born babies and committing so many more grievous sins daily.

I always asked myself why all these happened? Why in a so-called nation of Islam? I am very fortunate for having been to Rochester, NY to do my undergrad studies. I have met so many people and I have learned from so many knowledgeable individuals there. I am ashamed to actually say this, but seriously, I learned my religion there! In a non-believer country. Believe me and I am not exaggerating here, Muslims there are a lot more committed to Islam and eagerer to look for the right knowledge and understanding compared to most Muslims in Malaysia.

I have been to many lectures and classes in Malaysia before but I have never expected to hear such enlightening lectures given by a local Rochester Imaam. I have so many respect to this Imaam from whom I learned and corrected back my understanding of Islam. Alhamdulillah Allah has destined for me to meet him there. From him I learned that true and right knowledge will never lead a Muslim astray.

When I returned to Malaysia, I realized that a lot of our ‘Islamic’ traditions have no strong basis or proofs that are related to the Qur’an and the Sunnah. No wonder that our Islamic education fails to develop a rightly guided generations even after more than 50 years of independence. Loads of knowledge that the educators have been injecting into the minds of our youngs are not from the authentic proofs and even if from the authentic proofs, have not been interpreted with the right understanding like that of the pious predecessors.

A lot of Islamic organizations in Malaysia have not played their part in voicing the truth to the leaders of this country save for few persons such as Dr. MAZA and his other colleagues who held no authority in the governmental sectors. Where goes all of the Muftis of the states? Where goes JAKIM and other religious organizations, the government’s and the non-government’s? There are so many falsehoods going on around them, each and every second! But where goes their voices of truth? Correcting the people from doing mischief in the land?!

We don’t have to go as far as establishing Hudud in the country. Just look at the television. How many entertainments that have been promoted in the television that do not confirm with the Islamic legislation? Look at even smaller and pettier thing than this such as cigarette? How many people from the so-called religious organizations smoked 2-3 cigarettes daily (minimum)? If the officers from the religious organizations smoke, how can you expect the laymen to quit smoking?

It is very upsetting to see people who do not have the right knowledge were given the power whereas the right people who are supposed to be given the authority were denounced for spreading the right and true knowledge? Strange as it sounds but it is indeed the fact. Islam is becoming stranger and stranger as days past. People are going away from the religion instead of coming back to it. Sad to see that Muslims in non-Muslim countries are far more knowledgeable and religious compared to the Muslims in Muslim countries. When will we be more open to the truth instead of protecting the false traditions and understandings?

May Allah make the hearts of the preachers of the truth strong. May Allah make them the leaders of the Muslim nations to lead the people to the rightly guided path. May Allah make His religion supreme and may Allah turns all of our hearts back to His pure religion. O Allah, increase us in  knowledge. O Allah, increase us in Imaan. O Allah, accepts from us our deeds and permits us to your Jannatul Firdaus and save us from the burning Hellfire. Ameen.


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