Posted: December 17, 2010 in Life


SubhanAllah. These past few weeks have been very trying for me. I still remembered when the first day I checked on the web about Canadian visa procedures, I had in mind that this petty thing should be easy. But really, Allah knows better than I do.

I never thought that this thing (getting a visa from the High Commission of Canada) can be such a pain in the neck! The procedures, at least to me, are extremely complicated. After getting all of the documents needed (translation of my wedding certificate, offer letter from University of Alberta, etc) for the visa application, I handed them all at the High Commission office personally. About a week after, we received a letter informing us to pick up our medical examination instructions at the office. We need to do the medical examination at selected clinics appointed by the High Commission. We did the tests immediately after we received the letter and declared all health problem that we are having currently in the forms that has been provided to be filled.
Since I am a Hepatitis B carrier and suspected to have protein leaking problem in my bladder, about a week after we did our first medical examination, I received a letter from the medical officer from Singapore who instructed me to do further medical examinations for the High Commission’s record and assessment. They asked me to get a written letter from my nephrologist commenting my health status, get the Hep B viral load and other tests. I did the tests on last 22nd November.

Early this week, I went to the clinic to get my second medical examination results. I was very disappointed when I found out that my trip to the clinic was for naught! The lab did a colossal mistake! Innalillahi wa inna ilaihi raji’un. Instead of checking for a Hep B viral load, they checked for HIV viral load. They took a fresh blood sample on that day and run the test again and the clinic told me that this test will take another 2-3 weeks.

My start date is on January 10th next year and my sponsors will not be able to make the necessary arrangements (which includes flight ticket and allowances) if my visa has not been approved yet! I am really worried now! There’s only 2-3 weeks left before my planned departure. I have tried to push the clinic to get the results as soon as possible and I have also emailed the High Commission explaining my current situation and asked for their consideration to proceed with the visa approval but have not received any good news from them up till now.
InshaAllah I will be going to the office of High Commission at Menara Tan&Tan this Monday and hopefully I can get some sympathy from them! I am missing my wife very freaking badly now! She has been away for a week already and it feels like a year! I want her to have some quality time with her family before we go to Canada. So that’s why I let her went back to Jitra first. I hope I can join her soon. But I cannot go to Jitra yet..not until our visa has been approved. O Allah, please set right my affairs for my family and I. Ameen.


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