Are we ‘blind’?

Posted: February 6, 2011 in Interest, Islam


I was watching GuideUsTV few days ago at Alhamdulillah they have really good Islamic videos for all muslims and non-muslims. Two days ago, however, I stumbled upon a very inspiring video at GuideUsTV. It was about a blind Canadian Muslim who was giving a lecture. I was amazed! I mean, he read the Qur’an very fluently with right tajweed and makhraj. I searched for his other lectures that he gave and I found this (Although there are a lot more, this one, in particular, is the most inspiring one to me, personally):

SubhanAllah, he is so much better in his understanding of Islam than many of us, borned Muslims. I literally cried when I heard his recitation of the verses of Qur’an. Truly, Allah guides whoever He wishes and gives means to this beautiful Deen for everyone who seeks the truth. Allah has made things easy for him. Even though he was born blind in a Catholic family, he was able to find Islam. Allah made his path easy to learn the religion and he embraces it whole-heartedly!

What about us? What have we done to learn our deen? What have we done to spread the religion? I feel ashamed. I was born healthy without any defects physically but I never use all these ni’mah fully for the benefit of the religion. May Allah opens our hearts to whole-heartedly learn, apply and spread this beautiful message of Islam. May Allah makes it easy for us to get closer to Him and avoid all things that has been prohibited by Him. And may Allah increases us in our Iman and taqwa, ameen.



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