Omar Ahmed Khadr

Posted: April 2, 2011 in Interest, Politics


Have you ever heard of this guy’s name before? Well, I never. Not until I went to an MSA program last Thursday that showed a documentary called “You don’t like the truth”. This documentary really opens my eyes. This documentary describes how humans can lose their senses when anger overwhelms them. This documentary is about a boy who was captured in a US military operation in Afghanistan in 2003. This boy was severely injured when the US army captured him. He was shot twice from the back and his eyes were injured very severely.

This boy, a 15 yo boy, was prosecuted for murdering a US soldier which many recent evidences show to be very convincingly false. He had to bear all the tortures that the interrogators had done to him to force him to give a false statement. This case is very interesting because according to the US law, an underage cannot be put to trial and yet, Omar was not only put to trial but also tortured, physically and mentally, in a very inhumanely manner.

To get more information about this case, you might want to go to this webpage and watch the video. May Allah makes his affairs easy. May Allah strengthens him and grants him peace and serenity, in this world and in the hereafter, ameen.


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