Mercy Conference 2011

Posted: May 29, 2011 in Diari, Interest, Islam, Life

Assalamu’alaykum warahmatullah,

Alhamdulillah. This weekend has been a very tiring one but jam-packed with benefits. My wife and I went to the Mercy Conference, one of the largest conferences in North America, hosting some of the most reknown Mashaykh such as Shaykh Muhammad al-Shareef, Shaykh Yahya Abu Sumayyah, Shaykh Reda Bedeir, Shaykh Riad Ourzazi, Shaykh Moutassem al-Hameedi, Shaykh Abdulbary Yahya and many more. It was a good experience to meet such wonderful speakers who delivered such wonderful speeches. The organizers even invited Omar Reagen for the HALAL entertainment session but too bad we can’t stay for his session because we have to catch our bus early.

The main theme of the conference revolves around building and changing self, family and community to betterment by strengthening the imaan and realized through akhlaaq and ‘ibaadah. SubhanAllah. This is one of the most beneficial conferences that I’ve ever been to and I would love to come to this conference again. This Mercy Conference is actually a monthly event organized by Qabeelat Falaah of Al-Maghrib Institute, the IFSSA and UofA MSA, but this particular conference is the biggest one ever organized as far as I know. May Allah accepts their efforts, ameen.

Alhamdulillah. I benefited a lot and I hope I can keep up the momentum I experienced from this conference. I pray to Allah to make all of us consistent in whatever we are doing, for small continuous deeds are the most beloved deeds to Allah, and may He helps us in improving ourselves even though small, for small but consistent increment in deeds is better than big changes but not permanent. May Allah preserves the mashaykh and may He blesses them with a lot of khayr in this world and the next. May Allah gathers us amongst the anbiya’, the siddiqeen, the syuhadaa’ and the saliheen in Jannatul Firdausil A’la, ameen.


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