No Ramadhan for the Uighur Muslims?

Posted: August 7, 2011 in Interest, Islam

Assalamu’alaykum warahmatullah,

I just read this news at MuslimMatters yesterday and the news shocked me! I did not know that the government of China went this far to subjugate the muslim minority in Uighur. They went so far that they even force the muslims not to practice their deen anymore. The Uighur muslims were forced to eat during the day of Ramadhan or they could lose their annual bonus, or even their job. SubhanAllah, I don’t think this news has not reached the main strem media yet but it seems that it is not being highlighted. We need to be aware of this and spread this news to all muslims all around the world! Something needs to be done for our brothers and sisters there!

Muslim nations should take drastic actions towards China and condemn them for this inhumane acts. This definitely is against human rights! They should have freedom to practice their religion as the other chinese has the freedom to practice communism, christianity, buddhism etc! May Allah helps our brother and sisters there and strengthen them so that they will be persistent in practicing their deen. May Allah bestows upon muslims all around the world with victory against the oppressors, ameen.


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